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Our Cuban Coffee Recipe....

Unscrew the espresso maker and remove the metal filter cup from the bottom half. Pour ice cold water into the bottom of the espresso maker up to the bolt located on the inside.

Put the metal filter cup back into the bottom half and tamp very tightly with coffee grounds, leveled off at the top. Screw the espresso maker together and place on a hot burner (high heat).

In a metal cup, place about one teaspoon of sugar for each serving.

As the coffee begins to percolate, pour enough to moisten the sugar into the metal cup. Vigorously mix the moistened sugar and coffee until it becomes a paste.

Take the espresso maker off of the heat once the top portion is about 3/4 of the way full. This will prevent it from burning and/or overflowing onto your stove. Once the coffee is done, pour it slowly into the metal cup while gently mixing it with the sugar paste. If done properly, the sugar paste will create a "foam" once it is mixed with the rest of the coffee. Serve in demitasse cups.


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